Because your donation makes a profound difference in the lives of Every Raven, Every Day.


We use Annual Fund money all over the school – it’s a critical portion of our operating budget. No matter your passion – teachers, athletics, fine arts, global education, Lead From Here, our maker spaces, financial aid – money from the Annual Fund helps build it. The largest portion of our budget goes toward teacher salaries and training, because nothing is more important than ensuring that our Ravens are taught by the very highest quality educators available.

Why do we ask for your generous donations, in addition to tuition? Because in today’s competitive world, your children need more than just a solid education—they need an extraordinary one. If we relied on tuition alone to pay for everything that makes up a Ravenscroft education, tuition costs would skyrocket.

You can make sure Ravenscroft stays extraordinary. Give today.

“Continuing to elevate Ravenscroft beyond a great school, to the exceptional one it is today, relies on family support through the Annual Fund. Without this valued commitment, many programs, including Lead From Here, would not be in place to give our children the education, resources and experiences they need to be successful, resilient and adaptive in a rapidly changing, diverse and unpredictable world.”
— Chuck Vitello P’25, Ravenscroft Annual Fund Co-Chair

How much should I give?

The answer to that is easy:
as much as you can.

And whether your gift is $5 or $50,000, it’s an important statement of gratitude that shows your passionate belief and pride in the Ravenscroft experience. Every dollar that you give makes a difference to Every Raven, Every Day


The impact of consistent giving

Consistent giving is so important that Ravenscroft created a society to honor its most loyal Annual Fund donors—the Golden Raven Society. By making a gift every year, in any amount, our Golden Ravens build upon our legacy of academic excellence and directly impact the success of our students

All Ravenscroft supporters take seriously the school’s ambition to be counted among the country’s best, and some donors decide to make Ravenscroft a priority for their charitable dollar. Ravenscroft has established a number of leadership gift societies to recognize its top donors to the Annual Fund, the Embrace Possibility Campaign and other special gifts. Membership is renewable annually and is based on gifts made or facilitated by an individual and his/her spouse.

“The value of Ravenscroft is in the quality of its teachers, the breadth of its students, and the myriad opportunities afforded to both. Ravenscroft’s Annual Fund is the difference maker in what the School is able to offer to our most valuable resource - our people and programs. Thank you for supporting Ravenscroft!”
— Michael Murphy P’18, Ravenscroft Annual Fund Co-Chair

Parent and Alumni Volunteers are a critical piece of the Ravenscroft Annual Fund.


The Annual Fund Parents Committee’s enthusiasm and commitment fuel the success of the Ravenscroft Annual Fund. Members enjoy developing a unique connection with the school and with each other. Learn More

The brand new Annual Fund Alumni Committee provides a vital link between the school and our community, both in terms of fundraising and keeping alumni involved in the life of the school. Learn More

If you would like to volunteer please contact Jennifer Gerber, Director of Annual Giving,

Thank You to Our Corporate Partners!

Corporate Partners support the Ravenscroft experience through their generosity and involvement.

Interested in showing your support while also advertising your services to a highly coveted audience? Please contact for more information: 

Kristen O’Connell, Director of Stewardship




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