The Annual Fund Alumni Committee is brand new and currently launching in Summer 2016 to provide meaningful engagement opportunities for Ravenscroft alumni and to leverage peer-to-peer outreach aimed at increasing participation in the Annual Fund.

Members of the Annual Fund Alumni Committee are ambassadors for Ravenscroft. They provide a vital link between the school and our community, both in terms of fundraising and keeping alumni involved in the life of the school.



  • Attend learning sessions and provide feedback — This is a brand new group and we want you to attend meetings on campus to hear from various faculty and staff to learn more about the school and discover what the value add Ravenscroft is providing to students and how we get that message out to fellow alumni.
  • Make your own gift to the Annual Fund — As you begin to contact your fellow alumni, make sure that you’ve already given your gift to the Annual Fund. Not only will this show the person with whom you’re speaking about your own commitment to Ravenscroft, but it will make asking for a gift that much easier.
  • Contact fellow alumni — To obtain contact information and ask them to support the Annual Fund. This can be done on your own time to fit your schedule.
  • Send a thank you note or make a thank you call when a classmate makes a gift.
  • Have fun!