Making a gift of stock

Make your gift of stock to Ravenscroft by transferring securities directly to our broker:

Brandon Whitley, Vice President
First Citizens Bank & Trust Company
4300 Six Forks Road – FCC61
Raleigh, NC 27609

Fax: 919-716-2025
Phone: 919-716-2015

Please let Mr. Whitley know the gift has been initiated and provide your name as the donor.

DTC #: 901
Internal account #: 091957/FIRST CITIZENS BANK
Institutional ID #: 28547
SDFS: Your instructions should state “SDFS". Please ensure that the broker code is the party actually clearing your trade
Agent Bank ID #: 80901
Account Name: Ravenscroft School – Gift Account

If you wish to gift stock held in physical form, please endorse the certificate and mail it to Mr. Whitely at the address provided above. Please enclose a letter documenting your wishes to contribute the stock to Ravenscroft School. Please note that an endorsed stock certificate is a negotiable item. As such, you may wish to send the package via certified or registered mail in order to track its delivery. If you have any questions, please contact Brandon Whitley at 919-716-7576.