Thank you

To our Campaign Chairs, Volunteers and Trustees for your support and participation. All of you have made generous financial contributions to Embrace Possibility. You are truly helping us change the world!

Honorary Co-Chairs

Fran and Watson (’38) Pugh
Joy and Temple Sloan


Judy and Chip (’55) Anderson
Mary Grady (’81) and Vic (’74) Bell
Cecelia and Mike Condrey
Jane and Tom Mann
Connie and James Maynard
Mary and Bill (’74) Moss
Noel and Harold Lichtin
Flo and Charles (’47) Winston
Tracy and Bob (’80) Winston
Mary Brent and Bob Wright


Easter Maynard (’89) and John Parker
Jenny and Charles (’78) Winston

Campaign Volunteers

Kevin Anderson ’82
Robert Beller
Mary Bossong
Elise Dorsett ’06
Caryn McNeill
John Parham ’84
Jennifer Ratliff ’06
Nelle Schantz ’83
Nancy ‘Pickel’ Tannenbaum
Jim Ziperski
Peter Tannenbaum

Annual Fund Volunteers

Michael Murphy, Chair
Chuck Vitello, Chair
Laura Benson
Tracy Davidian
Marti Jacobs
Judy Jenkins
Tina Vorhees
Anita and Andrew Wells
Sara and Andy May